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Speedo / Dash Repairs by Autokeys Auto Locksmiths

Autokeys Autolocksmiths can repair most cable driven speedos. We can also re-calibrate units. Dash boards and various elements can also be repaired.

We can save you a fortune by using our skill and experience and the repairs will be undetectable.

Autokeys are able to complete Speedometer / Tacho / clock re-programming allowing cars to work again with current original locks and or keys. No expensive dealer replacements. We can also do data swap (key chassis and mileage) from a faulty original Speedometer / clock to donor / second hand Speedometer / clock enabling them to work on a different vehicle. We can in some instances virginise (put it in as new condition) your old or second hand unit.

Please contact us if you need any of these or any other services.


Replace speedo and dash - Autokeys